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Japanese cuisine: Recipes


With a rich history, there is so much more to Japanese food than the commonly known Sushi rolls, Sashimi and Miso soup. Japanese food includes dishes such as delicious Soba and Udon noodles, crispy Tempura prawns and veggies, smoky Yakitori barbeque and even traditional Japanese Wagashi and Mochi sweets. While it is certainly not a simple task to work your way through that delicious Tonkotsu, it is definitely not a daunting job, either. Asian Inspirations introduces a world of authentic Japanese flavours, dishes and recipes that go far beyond Sushi and Sashimi. Discover tried-and-tested recipes for hotpots and uncover the secret to perfect homemade Ramen. The best and most authentic Japanese recipes await you.App Japanese cuisine: Recipes has many popular recipes. Those are as follows:Shoyu ChickenChicken KatsuYakisoba ChickenMiso SoupJapanese Style Deep Fried ShrimpJapanese Beef Stir-FryGreen Tea Layer CakeJapanese Ginger Salad DressingJapanese Shrimp Sauce IJapanese Onion SoupYum Yum SauceGyoza SauceChicken YakisobaJapanese-Style Deep Fried ChickenMiso and Soy Chilean Sea BassMicrowave MochiJapanese CheesecakeJapanese-Style Cabbage SaladYakitori ChickenCream Cheese and Crab Sushi RollsMiso Braised PorkJapanese Restaurant Cucumber SaladJuicy ChickenJapanese Spinach with Sweet Sesame SeedsGreen Tea MuffinsMy Fly Stir-FryCoffee JellyHiyashi Chuka NoodlesHomemade Pickled Ginger (Gari)Sukiyaki BeefSukiyakiJapanese Soup with Tofu and MushroomsVegetarian Nori RollsMiso Soup with Shiitake MushroomsGreen Tea Mousse CheesecakeJapanese Tofu SaladOmuraisu (Japanese Rice Omelet)Pan Roasted Beef Tenderloin with Ginger-Shiitake Brown ButterTempura Dipping SauceTuna TartareCoffee Gelatin DessertButter MochiTofu HiyayakkoEasy MochiTempura ShrimpDashi Stock (Konbudashi)Tofu with Pork and MisoJapanese Fusion GuacamoleJapanese Egg Yolk SauceEgg and Pesto SushiJapanese Style Teriyaki SauceBeef KushiyakiAuthentic Miso SoupCalifornia RollJapanese Cucumber Salad (Sunomono)Japanese Deviled EggsGenmai-chaSeaweed (Nori) SoupJapanese Shrimp SauceBeef SukiyakiSushi PartyPumpkin and Tofu Miso SoupSalmon YakitoriJapanese-Inspired Beef TenderloinKonbu DashiThe Perfect Simplified Sushi VinegarJapanese FruitcakeSunomono (Japanese Cucumber and Seafood Salad)Vegan Japanese Winter Squash and Leek SoupAuthentic Japanese Scallop Soup with Ramen NoodlesNigiri SushiMiso Salmon (Sake Misozuke) with Spinach SauceAvocado Sushi with Brown RiceJapanese Country-Style Miso and Tofu (Hiya Shiru)Bonito DashiNasu DengakuHoshi-Shiitake DashiJapanese Soho CocktailTofu ChanpuruJapanese Influenced BBQ SauceManju (Japanese Sweet Bean Paste Cookies)Brown Rice and Quinoa Sushi RollsGreen Tea Kasutera (Green Tea Bread)Sweet Potato TempuraSesame Seaweed SaladSpring Cabbage Chicken BoilBuffalo Chicken Sushi RollJapanese DressingTonkatsu Sauce Mimic Recipe